From Beginning to End

This is going to be quick because I have a personal target date to have CrownYa ready for beta testing by the end of this week, Friday, June 3, 2016.

One feature unique to CrownYa is the ability to create a custom product entry, tap the “Find” icon and a map will display multiple locations for that product, including price information.

Results may be sorted by price or distance from the user’s current location. Tapping a product appearing on the map presents choices to either “Purchase”, “Share”, or “Get directions” (drive or walk) to that particular location.

I’m currently working on cleaning up the app interface in order to post an overview video on CrownYa’s YouTube Channel.

There is so much more that CrownYa is already capable of doing – but I’m not going to clutter the view with that during the beta testing period. Additional functionality will be determined by beta user feedback. will be all about the tech stuff:

  • How and why I made the app
  • The resources I used
  • Challenges and solutions, etc

The above will be revealed over time as I’m focusing now on shaping CrownYa as an app that will fill a need as defined by “the community” that will use it.

To keep up with the tech stuff, just check back here or :

To follow the progress of CrownYa :

Determined to do this,